Industrial 4.0

Industrial 4.0

We prepare our business for the transition to Industry 4.0 and create our infrastructure. Industry 4.0 will allow the industry to gain a new dimension. The first component of Industry 4.0, which brings together information technologies and industrial activities, is the New Generation Software and Hardware, which, unlike today’s classic equipment, is low-cost, space-saving, low-energy, low-heat, but highly reliable. operating hardware and operating systems and software systems to run this hardware to be resourceful and resourceful in terms of memory usage.

The second and perhaps the most important component is the Device-Based Internet, where all devices on the earth are used to exchange information and data with each other, all kinds of vehicles are integrated, equipped with sensors and operators, the Internet-connected intelligent electronic system can be called as Cyber-Physical Systems.

In the manufacturing process, the use of cyber-physical systems in the machines in the factories means mak smart factories de that can coordinate and optimize production by themselves, almost independently of people. If the Industry 4.0 strategy is realized, the amount of energy needed for production time, costs and production will be reduced, production quantity and quality will increase.

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